Tilt-up Construction Photographs

Index of Tilt-up Construction Photographs

Photograph slideshows that show the process of tilt-up construction

First Step - Preparing the Tilt-up Concrete Panel Forms

Building the forms for tilt-up construction panels

Workers plan out and build the forms, then place the rebar, embeds and inserts into the forms. [ ... ]

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Second Step - Pouring the Concrete Panels

Creating the concrete panels used in tilt-up construction

After pouring the concrete into the forms, the workers smooth the surface. Once the concrete panels set, the workers remove the forms and prepare to stand the panels into place [ ... ]

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Third Step - Standing the Concrete Panels - Tilt-up Construction!

Where tilt-up construction earns its name

Here's where tilt-up gets its name. The crew lifts the panel with a crane and stand it up into position, then brace it safely into place [ ... ]

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